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SY 2020-2021


The reason why I joined this club was to further expand my knowledge of business. I wanted to get a feel of how the business industry works and how to manage and run a business. Getting a fresh start at learning new things will help me in my future career of being a businessperson.

I joined business club because I wish to expand and expose myself to new connections to people and pathways. Business is something I don’t have much experience in nor have any knowledge of and know that it will give me that new experience as well as new insights to anything that it covers.

The reason why I joined this club is to experience something new. The plan to join this club wasn’t set in stone, I was unsure whether I should join or not. A friend of mines encouraged me to join and step out of my comfort zone. Being a member of this club, I hope to learn new things that I can use and apply in the future if i choose to take on the business career.

I joined business club to get a better understanding of the marketing world, but also to learn from my experience here in this club. I am planning to minor in business in college and thought this would be a great first step.

I chose to join Waianae High School's Business club so that I can understand the basic concepts of business as well as have an extracurricular activity to put down for my sophomore year.

"Great things in business are never done by one person.

They're done by a team of people."

-Steve Jobs

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